Bir TV Reklamı Dijital Signage Sistemi Üzerinde Çalışır mı?

Would A Broadcast TV Commercial Work On A Digital Signage System?
Around 80% of the time the answer would be no.  Television Advertisements are largely audio based with visuals as a supporting feature.  The audio tells the story while the visuals support the story.  TV ads are meant to be viewed when people are focused on one thing, watching TV.  Digital signage is typically set in an environment where viewers are focused on doing something other than looking at a TV; such as shopping, gaming, walking, exercising, eating lunch, etc.If you want to use your TV commercial on a digital signage system, here is a good test to see if it will be effective or just noise.  Play the commercial with the audio off.  Does it still make sense?  Ask someone that has not seen the commercial to see if it makes sense to them when viewed without audio?  The bigger question is will it get the attention of someone who is walking by or not focused on the screen.

The majority of the time when broadcast Commercials are being used on a Digital Signage system, they are not effective.  They are simply noise.

To re-use a TV commercial on a digital signage systems have the creator, a trusted digital signage production house, or an experienced internal creative staff member alter the message for optimal playback for the unique medium that is Digital Signage.



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