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Auto Dealership Loyalty Marketing with Customer Lounge TVs

Are you an auto dealership manager or owner? What are your customers watching in your service lounge right now? Is it the bad news of the day and your competitors’ advertising? Your customers are a captive audience for 30 minutes or more. Over the course of the entire year, your customers will spend far less than 30 minutes in front of your TV ads, Web site, billboards, and every other advertising medium.

If you are not communicating with your customers during this golden opportunity while they wait for service, you are neglecting the single greatest loyalty marketing opportunity, in terms of both time and attention, that any dealership will ever get!

Auto industry expert Jim Kristoff recently informed me that customers who visit the dealership for regular service are 17 times more likely to buy their next vehicle from that dealer. Additionally, he told me that 30 percent of service customers have a friend or relative in the market to buy a car in the next 12 months. As important as these customers are, the average dealership puts only 10 percent of its marketing budget into customer loyalty marketing. That seems disproportionate.

But many dealerships have begun to recognize the importance of loyalty marketing. In fact, a Google search for “automotive loyalty marketing” registers more than 1.2 million results. And companies offering loyalty cards, rewards programs and other CRM solutions are experiencing record growth in every industry, not just automotive.

Recently, for their grand opening in Riverdale, UT, a large dealership implemented our custom digital signage solution to brand their customer lounge TVs. On one screen, they asked us to build a completely custom TV channel that plays Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep corporate videos, interlaced with advertisements for parts and accessories, employee bios, service and financing offers, and customer recognition messages.

Customer lounge TV features dealer branding, twitter feed, special offers and corporate videos, including this “behind the scenes” spot featuring Detroit Lions player Ndamukong Suh.

The corporate videos look beautiful, and the content is quite engaging. However, dealership management was concerned that some customers would want to be able to watch their favorite cable channel. So, on their second TV, we added a banner at the top, an advertising panel on the side, and a ticker at the bottom, leaving the majority of the screen to display the cable TV signal.

Second TV features cable TV in main window but retains dealer branding, weather and service offers.

At the top of the screen, the dealer banner incorporates their branding and hours of service. The side panel alternates between customer appreciation messages, ads for parts and accessories, employee bios and service offers. At the bottom of the screen, we incorporated a ticker that streams their Twitter feed and Facebook posts.

Now, customers can choose to watch the dealership channel on one TV or ESPN on the other TV, both in stunning high definition. No matter which screen their customers choose to watch, they are exposed to constant dealership branding and messaging along the top, side and bottom of the screen. And because the content management is so simple to use, even the dealership’s non-technical sales manager can keep the screen content newsworthy and relevant.

The dealership uses this system to provide positive reinforcement by thanking customers for choosing their dealership and reminding customers of the benefits offered (like free soda, popcorn and Wifi). Employee bios and dealership history are used to personalize the customer relationship. In the scrolling ticker, they offer a discounted three-appointment service plan and have had great success, selling two plans the very first day the system was installed.

With the successes enjoyed at this dealership, in increased parts, accessories and service sales, as well as improved customer service scores, the dealer owner is rolling out a custom TV channel solution to all 18 dealerships in the state. They have discovered that having a dealership-branded TV channel is one of the least expensive loyalty marketing investments, with the greatest ROI, they could ever make. To learn more about how to turn your customer lounge TV into a customer loyalty marketing medium, as well as a profit center, contact me today.

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