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Tesco Trials Augmented Reality to Reduce Online Returns and Encourage Engagement

Submitted by Nicolas Bapst on Fri, 11/18/2011 – 15:12

Tesco is currently trialling augmented reality, both in-store and online in tests – the service allows shoppers to view 3D images of products on computer screens.

The trial, which is being conducted with Total Immersion’s partner and UK software firm Kishino, is aimed at saving on shelf-space in Tesco retail stores, since it entails less floor space to store bulky electronics.

The Augmented Reality experience presents 40 different Tesco products across a range of categories including entertainment, TVs and toys and gives customers a virtual 3D-view of these items at home by utilising their webcams and a marker.

The scheme has been on trial online since September and thus far Tesco claims it has helped reduce the number of returns because users were able to see the actual size and proportions of the product before ordering it.

A Tesco spokesman said: “This is a really exciting new technology which in this form is a relatively untapped opportunity in the UK. “Thanks to our work with Kishino, augmented reality will allow customers to be closer to our product and interact in a way that has never previously been possible.”


Initially the augmented reality technology will be installed at eight Tesco outlets, in Cheshunt, New Malden, Hatfield, Milton Keynes and the two stores in both Wembley and Borehamwood.




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